Our menu has been developed around the idea that Indian food does not need to be delicious for those “in the know” but confusing to everyone else.  You have the control to build the meal that you want. Our staff is happy to explain ingredients and dishes.

To order your main dish, you first need to select a base, then add a protein, and then toppings and chutneys as you’d like.  Add on a side and a drink and you have a full Indian experience awaiting you!

Step 1: Select the Base

Menu Choices

Wrap : $6.49


Basmati Rice Bowl : $7.49

Fragranced Basmati rice and chickpea masala

Salad Bowl : $7.49

Fresh mixed leaf salad

Step 2: Pick Your Protein

Menu Choices

Cilantro Chicken

Boneless chicken marinated in house spices, cilantro and yoghurt

Chicken Tikka

Boneless chicken marinated in traditional Tandoori spices

Boti Steak (Add $1)

Skirt steak, marinated in traditional Indian spices

Tandoori Paneer (Vegetarian) (Add $1)

Grilled Indian cheese dry-rubbed in homemade Tandoori spices

Tandoori Tofu (Vegan)

Tofu marinated and baked in homemade Tandoori spices

Step 3: Pick Your Toppings

Menu Choices

Chickpea Salad

Chickpeas marinated with lemon and mild spices

Tomato and Cucumber Salad

Tomato and cucumber tossed in a tangy vinaigrette

Cabbage Salad

Cabbage and onion tossed with lemon

Red Onions

Shredded Carrots

Diced Tomatoes

Chopped Cilantro

Step 4: Choose Your Chutney

Menu Choices


Cooling, mild yogurt and cucumber


Sweet and tangy, tamarind, house spices

Mango Mint

Sweet and spicy, mango, Serranos, mint


Tangy with some heat, tomato, onions, serranos, and freshly toasted Indian spices


Hot blend, cilantro, serranos, lemon zest

Red Hot

Bold spice, red chilies, coconut milk

Awesome Chef Recommendations

Menu Choices

Raja Wrap : $6.99

Flatbread wrap,
1/2 Cilantro Chicken & 1/2 Boti Steak,
mixed leaf salad, cabbage salad, carrots, red onions, chopped cilantro,
Mango Mint & Cilantro chutneys

Chef Special : $7.49

Fragrant Basmati rice,
tomato & chickpea masala,
chicken tikka,
cabbage salad, tomato and cucumber salad, chopped cilantro,
peri-peri and raita chutneys

Taza Salad: $7.49

Fresh mixed leaf salad,
1/2 Chicken Tikka & 1/2 Cilantro Chicken,
chickpea salad, cabbage salad, tomato & cucumber salad, carrots, chopped cilantro,
Peri-peri & Mango Mint chutneys


=> Make any dish vegetarian: substitute for Tandoori Paneer (Add $1)

=> Make any dish vegan: substitute with Tandoori Tofu

Add Some Sides

Menu Choices

Samosa (Chicken or Vegetarian) : $2.99

Savory pastry, spiced vegetable or chicken filling

Chickpea Masala : $2.99

Tomato base, garam masala with chickpeas

Salads : $2.49

Cabbage, chickpea or tomato & cucumber

Masala Potatoes : $2.25

Sea salt, garam masala, cilantro

Grab Your Favorite Drink

Menu Choices

Mango Juice: $2.49

Bottled Beverages : $2.25

Mango Lassi : $2.99

Fountain Drinks : $1.79

Bottled Waters : Still or Sparkling $1.79